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Leesburg Virginia Drunk Driving Defense Law Blog

Road rage as a crime

Everyone recognizes the red hot rage when someone cuts you off or fails to signal. Road rage is universal. But acting on that rage is not universal, and it is a crime. Many states have specific laws that make it a crime to use vehicles to assault or attack other people. That means road rage is a sufficiently serious problem for state governments to pass laws outlawing it.

Virginia expungement rules reviewed

Many people associated "expungement" with meaning that they can remove a conviction from their record. In most states, you are correct. But in Virginia, expungements are limited to police records. You may file an expungement of court records but only under strict circumstances. This post will go over the rules and limits of expungements.

Understanding underage drinking DUI laws

Being charged with underage drinking and driving could lead to severe consequences. You may have difficulties in getting a decent job if you have an underage DUI on your permanent record. Universities might also reject you because of your prior disciplinary record. Underage DUIs are treated differently from normal DUI charges. You should understand these differences in case you have been charged.

Boating under the influence

All states have specific DUI laws to discourage people from driving under the influence. The interesting part is that these states also have specific laws to deal with people boating under the influence (BUI). A BUI charge can mean severe consequences and financial losses. Repeated offenses could lead to a felony BUI, resulting in hefty fines and even jail time.

Car searches during DUI pullovers

You may wonder whether being pulled over for a DUI gives law enforcement officers the right to search your car. Searching your car for drugs or alcohol might provide them with the proof required to make a case against you. It is important to know your rights in case you face a similar situation and a police officer wants to search your vehicle.


DUI charges and sentencing

Drunk driving has become a major issue in the United States, and the government is becoming increasingly strict and vigilant regarding these incidents. Intoxicated drivers could harm themselves as well as other drivers, which is why drunk driving is considered as a very serious offense.

Refusing a breath test

The breath test is a way to analyze the amount of alcohol in a person's body. It is conducted using a device called a breathalyzer. The breathalyzer is commonly used by police officers on the road to check for intoxicated drivers. Though the test is quite simple, its results are accurate and play a huge role in convictions for drunk drivers. It is common for people to be unaware of their rights when the police officer asks them to take the breath test. It is important to know certain basic things for such scenarios.

Reasons why the prosecution presses for felony DUI charges

Some states recognize a DUI charge as a standard misdemeanor. However, in some cases, the DUI could be classified as a felony. A felony DUI carries severe consequences and could have a detrimental effect on the defendant's life. There are certain rules and scenarios under which the defendant is charged with a felony DUI instead of a misdemeanor.

Types of DUI sentences

If you are facing a DUI charge, there are several outcomes that could be possible. Being convicted in a DUI case can be complicated, and the sentencing depends on the extent of your crime as well as your prior record. Some states have their own DUI laws.

DUI expungement laws

An expungement is a process in which one can hide their criminal conviction to protect their image. DUI and DWI convictions may be sealed if the court allows an expungement. Such convictions can have a negative impact on the profile of a person. It could affect their chances of getting a job, visa or admission to a university. Expungement laws vary from state to state and those that allow it require certain terms and conditions.

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