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Leesburg Virginia Drunk Driving Defense Law Blog

Types of DUI sentences

If you are facing a DUI charge, there are several outcomes that could be possible. Being convicted in a DUI case can be complicated, and the sentencing depends on the extent of your crime as well as your prior record. Some states have their own DUI laws.

DUI expungement laws

An expungement is a process in which one can hide their criminal conviction to protect their image. DUI and DWI convictions may be sealed if the court allows an expungement. Such convictions can have a negative impact on the profile of a person. It could affect their chances of getting a job, visa or admission to a university. Expungement laws vary from state to state and those that allow it require certain terms and conditions.

Driver's license revocation laws

Revocation of your driver's license could lead to distress. It prohibits you from driving a vehicle for a specific time period. Not being able to drive your own car could drastically affect your daily routine. Once the required time period is finished, you may apply for another license. But the state holds the right to reject your application on the basis of your previous wrong doings.

One friend dies, another loses the life he knows

Two Virginia men, one a mere 23 and the other 25, set out on a resort-hopping excursion as two friends might, in Pennsylvania's Donegal Township. And, as young men sometimes do, as any of us might do or have done, the young man driving had had a bit too much to drink and was driving fast. This risky combination may have made it hard for him to regain control once it was lost after he alleges an animal in the road caused him to swerve suddenly.

With school back in session, alcohol dangers abound

There is an annual tradition at the University of Virginia that is known not only to its first-year college attendees but also to locals and students from other colleges as an event not to miss. This fall festivity is a drunken first weekend back at school known as the "Wertland Block Party" and, as the name indicates, it takes place on Wertland Street, near the college campus. Because the party comes with such raucous behavior, the college is cautioning its students and coordinating efforts with those of law enforcement and landlords of the houses on the street as well as the fire department.

Stiff penalties face allegedly drunk driver

There are few things scarier than being arrested and charged for a crime you did not commit. However, if you ever find yourself arrested and charged for a crime you actually did commit, but don't necessarily remember, it may even be worse. It may not be your worst nightmare now, but if it ever were to happen to you, you would likely agree that you were living in your own worst nightmare.

What happens to my vehicle after a DUI arrest?

When you are arrested for an alcohol-related charge, you may wonder just what will happen in terms of your future and the charges against you. You may also wonder what will happen in the immediate future when you are released.

Help when times get tough

There are few things more emotionally daunting than an arrest and subsequently, charges brought against you for something did without malicious intent. For instance, when most people faces criminal charges stemming from driving after drinking, their entire world is turned upside down and the fear of what is known and what is unknown can be paralyzing. This is unfortunate as time is of the essence and the clock is ticking on making major moves that can be major game-changers over the course of the next few months and even years.

Practice what you preach

It turns out police are not immune. Although the almost inhumane treatment you may have been given while you were incarcerated made you feel like you were dirt on the shoe of the police officers, it is not unrealistic to assume that many of them have been guilty of at least the crime you are charged with. While there will likely never be statistics to prove it, a good number of police officers drink alcohol when off duty and some of them, feeling immune to the law, may even choose to drive.

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